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The purpose of the New Mexico Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (NMDVR) is to help people with disabilities achieve a suitable employment outcome.

DVR is part of the State of New Mexico, Public Education Department , and its program is supported by state and federal funds.

More About NMDVR

The New Mexico Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (NMDVR) is a Federal- and State-funded government program whose mission is to prepare and assist potential employees with disabilities to increase their economic independence through employment. In addition, we partner with companies and agencies seeking opportunities to enhance and diversify their workforce.

Are You…

  • Someone with a disability?

  • Having difficulty gaining or maintaining employment?

  • Able and wanting to work?

  • Requiring the assistance of Vocational Professionals to gain or maintain employment?

  • Seeking qualified participants to diversify the workplace?

If you answered “Yes” to any of the questions above we strongly encourage you to visit our website at or call 1-800-224-7005 to obtain contact information to your local NMDVR Office.

Benefits of partnering with NMDVR

Participant Benefits:

Each case is assessed on an individual basis to ensure that the Participant’s strengths, talents, circumstances and needs are taken into account. NMDVR does not use the “cookie cutter” approach for any Participant. The Participant will work closely with his/her counselor to determine what services are required and necessary to acquire or return to work. NMDVR may help a Participant by:

  • Providing qualified Vocational Rehabilitation Counseling Staff to help break through road blocks in the workplace while guiding the Participant through the employment process;

  • Assisting in seeking out a career that fits the Participant based on his/her interests, skills, and abilities;

  • Preparing the Participant for the entry-level job that will launch a career path ;

  • Providing one-on-one Job Placement Assistance;

  • Networking with other community partners to support the Participant on the job;

  • Providing guidance on how to access employment-related laws such as the Americans with Disability Act (ADA) and accessing proper accommodations;

  • Providing access to assistive technologies; and

  • Providing basic information about Social Security and Ticket to Work benefits.

Employer Benefits:

NMDVR is a resource for providing pre-qualified employees as well as technical assistance to employers. We work with each employer based on their unique business needs. Below are some services employers may be interested in accessing:

  • Consultation, technical assistance and guidance on how to access the ADA, Accommodations, Assistive Technology, Staff Training, and available Tax Credits.

  • Support to the employee with a disability including Vocational Rehabilitation guidance & counseling, referral to resources for problem solving to maximize success, and

  • Liaison services between an employee and the employer.

NMDVR recognizes and acknowledges companies that actively embrace hiring employees with disabilities through an annual recognition ceremony and NMDVR's Annual Report.

For V.R. program related matters, email the Rehabilitation Services Team. For contributions to this site or technical issues, email the Web Development Team