Postsecondary Education

Guidelines for DVR Students

Postsecondary education attendance

  1. You are expected to abide by any and all rules of the educational facility that you are attending.
  2. You are expected to consult with your DVR counselor before dropping any course. All classes must pertain to your degree. You must inform your counselor if you are or will be absent from training for an extended period of time within a timely fashion.
  3. You are expected to register and work/meet with the Accessibilities Coordinator for your respective school each semester to request accommodations and secure tutoring services if needed.
  4. You are expected to attend full time each semester (unless documentation is received from your medical/mental health professional indicating otherwise).
  5. You are expected to maintain a minimum of a 2.0 GPA or better each semester.
  6. You must apply for a Pell Grant and Financial Aid by March every year and submit your award or denial letter to your DVR counselor. The letter must include the amount awarded. If you are award a PELL Grant, it must be used for tuition, books and supplies first. If it does not cover all of your educational expenses, your counselor may discuss with you any DVR supports that may be provided to assist you with the difference.
  7. You must also provide a copy of your and/or parents IRS Tax forms (FASFA will require this-you may request a second copy for DVR) every spring.
  8. Please remember that only services outlined in your plan of services will be approved for funding. DVR does not reimburse for services that have not received prior approval
    **NOTE: Funding for tuition, books and supplies if a PELL Grant is available. Students must inform the facility’s bookstore that a PELL Grant has been awarded and set up an account for books and supplies.
  9. Each semester, the following information must be on the file before DVR issues authorizations, per IPE:
    • Grades/Class Schedule;
    • Account Summary by Term (cost for each semester);
    • Financial Aid Award/The PELL
    • Grant Award/Denial Letter.
  10. Keep your counselor informed of your progress and/or any difficulties.