NMDVR helps students and young adults with disabilities find work and plan careers.

The School to Work Transition Program help students who have an Individual Educational Plan (IEP), or who have a 504 plan, train for a job, continue their education, and/or work after leaving high school. All students with disabilities are encouraged to apply for vocational rehabilitation services.

NMDVR counselors are here to help students in their transition from high school to the working world, whether it is to find a job directly after high school, or continue with secondary education to pursue a vocational goal. Services typically are initiated during the beginning of a student’s senior year. The student, with a counselor, discusses what jobs or careers would be a good vocational fit.

Dream BIG!

The goal of transition is for an Individualized Plan of Employment IPE to be ready when the student exits school, and would be prepared to initiate vocational rehabilitation services. NMDVR will work toward identifying employment that is consistent with the student’s abilities, aptitudes, skills, abilities, and interests, and provide services based on the employment goal.

Each DVR counselor is trained to help you with your individual needs. You and your counselor are a team! Together you work to make a plan to help you reach your goals. Find success, enjoy work, and your ambitions. The bottom line… there are cool jobs out there you will like!

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