Committees & Members

The State Rehabilitation Council (SRC) is comprised of dedicated members who represent the SRC in various committees on a state and national level.

The purpose of the …

Executive Committee:

  • Directs the work of the SRC and ensures the council meets its charge of representing the voice of the consumer with the NMDVR.
  • Ensures membership remains aware of legislative trends that might impact the charge of the council or of the NMDVR.
  • Ensures the council addresses the federal requirements including the recruitment of membership to fill al required openings, facilitate public forums to gather input regarding disability and employment services with the state, and the coordination of council activities.

Chair Person: Sarah Michaud
Vice Chair: Tracy Agiovlasitis
Membership and Awards Chair: Tracy Agiovlasitis
Sergeant at Arms: Paula Seanez
Transition, State Plan and Outcomes Chair: TJ Chester
Legislative and Outreach Chair: Bernadine Chavez
Ad-Hoc Members: Dan Drury

Transition, State Plan and Outcomes Committee:

  • Advises the New Mexico Public Education Department (NMPED) and the NMDVR regarding activities authorized to be carried out in accordance with Public Law 105-220.
  • Assists in the preparation of the State Plan and any amendments to the plan, applications, reports, needs assessments and evaluations required.
  • Assists in the preparation and submission of an Annual Report to the Governor and the RSA Administrator on the status of vocational rehabilitation programs operated in the State.
  • Collaborates with the Legislative Committee to conducts a state wide needs assessment.
  • Ensures the widest distribution of any report developed on behalf of individuals with disabilities.

Chair Person: TJ Chester
Members: Yolanda Cordova, Sarah Michaud, Paula Seanez

Legislative and Outreach Committee:

  • Educates legislators and legislative staff on both the state and national level about the efforts and success of the NMDVR.
  • Conducts public forums to solicit input from participants on their experiences with the NMDVR and the services they receive.
  • Coordinates with the State Plan and Outcomes Committee to complete the Customer Satisfaction and Statewide Needs Assessment Survey.
  • Develops an outreach plan to promote the NMDVR.

Chair Person: Bernadine Chavez
Members: Sandy Sandoval, Keith Maes
Ad-Hoc Members: Charles Hamlin

Membership, Training and Awards Committee:

  • Recruits potential candidates for membership on the SRC, per Title I, Section 105 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973.
  • Provides new members with an orientation about the work of the SRC and ongoing learning opportunities.
  • Recognizes the NMDVR staff and business partners that go over and beyond on behalf of individuals with disabilities.

Chair Person: Tracy Agiovlasitis
Members: Guy Surdi, Keith Maes