Committees & Members

The State Rehabilitation Council (SRC) is comprised of dedicated members who represent the SRC in various committees on a state and national level.

The purpose of the …

Executive Committee:

The goal of the Executive Committee is to provide leadership to the SRC in furthering its mission, vision, and goals. It is composed of all SRC Committee Chairs. This committee monitors the achievements related to the Federal Performance Measures under WIOA, provides feedback and input into Corrective Action Plans, advises the NMDVR on strategic plans and initiatives, and focuses on diversity efforts within the NMDVR and SRC. This committee will follow up on any membership and/or recruitment efforts on behalf of the council. This committee will also be charged with working on legislative issues in partnership with the NMDVR director. The executive committee is also responsible for ensuring the completion and submission of the SRC’s annual report to the governor and to RSA.

Chair Person: Sarah Michaud
Vice Chair: Tracy Agiovlasitis
Sergeant at Arms: Paula Seanez


Statewide Independent Living Council (SILC) Repo – Sarah Michaud, SRC Chair, New Vistas, Santa Fe
Parent Training and Information Center – Delores Harden, Parents Reaching Out, Albuquerque
Client Assistance Program (CAP) – Bernadine Chavez, Disability Rights New Mexico, Albuquerque
Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor, ex oficicio, non-voting member, Lisa Jones, NMDVR, Alamogordo
Community Rehabilitation Program Service Provider – Jennifer Gelhardt, Best Buddies International, Albuquerque
Business, Industry and Labor – Rebecca Sanford, Adelante Development Center, Albuquerque
Disability Adovacy Groups – Tracy Agiovlastitis, SRC Vice-Chair, Governor’s Commission on Disability, Albuquerque
Representatives of Individuals with Disabilities – TJ Chester, Independent Living Resource Center, Socorro
Current or Former NMDVR Participants – Kendra Garcia, Santa Fe
Section 121 of American Indian Vocational Rehabilitaiton Services – Paula Seanez, SRC Sergeant at Arms, Navajo Nation Office of Special Education and Rehabilitation Services, Four Corners Area Marlencia Chee, Jemez Vocational Rehabilitation Program, Jemez Pueblo
State Workforce Investment Board – Veronica Alonzo, Department of Workforce Solutions, Albuquerque
Director of NMDVR, ex-officio, non-voting member – Casey Stone-Romero, Director of NMDVR
Employees of NMDVR, ex-officio, non-voting members – Nash Sisneros, RSU Administrator, Charles Alan Hamlin, DDS Administrator, and Angelina Montoya, SRC Liaison

Employment and Community Partnerships Committee:

The goal of the Employment and Community Partnerships Committee is to focus on the competitive integrated employment of individuals with disabilities. This committee advises the NMDVR on the marketing of the VR program and develops collaborative relationships with the community rehabilitation providers (CRPs), Native American Vocational Rehabilitation Programs (121), advocacy groups, employers, and other councils such as the State Independent Living Council (SILC), the SRC for the New Mexico Commission for the Blind, Developmental Disability Council, The Governor’s Commission on Disabilities, The New Mexico Commission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, as related to employment activities and initiatives. This committee will also implement the SRC awards programs for outstanding NMDVR employers and staff.

Members: TJ Chester, Jennifer Gelhardt, Dolores Harden, Jeff Levin / NMDVR (Awards), Angelina Montoya (Admin support)

Program Review Committee

The goal of the Program Review Committee is to focus on the following issues as it relates to the competitive integrated employment of individuals with disabilities and the NMDVR services: Youth and Transition services, the NMDVR section of the State Plan Development, Client Satisfaction Survey data, the RSA Comprehensive System of Personnel Development, and the annual report submitted to RSA, the Governor, and the PED.

Members: Tracy Agiovlasitis, Lisa Jones, Bernadine Chavez, Marlencia Chee, Sarah Michaud, Paula Seanez, Nash Sisneros (NMDVR), Angelina Montoya (Admin support)